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At Skullair Jason’s Ink Tattoos, I believe in tattooing for the future and creating images that are bold and built to last a lifetime. I believe in clients being completely satisfied with their artwork and love being able to carry extensions of their characters with them forever.

​I do our utmost to provide a service that is both professional and accommodating to our clientele. I believe that your experience should be a team effort to create the artwork you want to carry with you, whilst still making the overall experience relaxed and enjoyable.

​At the end of the day, I will advise you on the best possible way to achieve your desired tattoo in the best possible way.


Specializing in

I was introduced into the tattoo industry when new school and fine art never had a presence in the tattoo industry, saying that I specialize in:

  • Black and grey American Traditional,
  • Black and grey Japanese Traditional,
  • Black and Floral,
  • Black and grey old school 
  • Black and grey Cartoon/new school designs
  • Trash polka 
  • Tribal / Moari 
  • Blackouts

Jason De Ridder
Owner / Tattoo Artist

Tattooing for several years, started out with a passion for artistry and the addiction to getting tattoos.

After my fourth tattoo I knew that ill step into this industry and change other’s lives and mindsets about tattoos like mine was, I have developed my skill set over the years, and I am still learning every day more and more about the tattoo industry.

I may not be the best artist in the industry, but the drive to develop my skill every day makes me one of the most dedicated tattoo artists out there.

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